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This is the shadiest company that i have ever worked for, i am amazed at how a company can lie so much and then lay you off and not pay you the proper amount of pto that you earned.the pto that you accrued while working for them.

they have a very high turnover rate and the training is just terrible. i honestly do not see how they have maintained such clients as ucla med ctr.

childrens hospital and others that they do business with

i'm not sure if these companies know how bad they treat there employees.g

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They fired me because I reported an employee who I caught him stealing from the company.


Great place to work as long as you don't mind being number 9999999999999999.........

They will work you into the ground, don't be sucked in by their propaganda. Mgmt. has each others back and will take you down-remember I told you so.


One of the worst places to work and watch out for the bosses trying to blame you for their mistakes. Bunch of incompetent fools who are arrogant and nasty.


Their HR department will lie to your face and their accounting department is clueless.Management cares nothing about workers who are actually doing the work.

I have seen outstanding employee's get chewed out for minor flaws or flat out lack of resources.If you want to work your butt off, quickly move to a management position without a raise and then get fired because you couldn't hire enough people to do the job the way PHNS wants it done, this is the company for you!

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